Life would be way easier if I was blessed with fore-sight 'cos hind-sight is no consolation :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Here

Still here, still going, but now I'm walking as much as jogging.

When I say walking it's not just strolling idly it's power walking up and down hills.  I have a set walk that takes me up the lookout and then up some gentler hills before I tackle the steeper side of the lookout to get back home.  It is a bit of a killer walk but it only takes one hour so long as you walk fast. 

I've jogged a bit also but now believe I may need to finally see a doctor about my foot.  It's sore after jogging but not so much after walking so I'm thinking it's an impact injury but it's accross the whole bridge of my foot on the underneath.

Funny thing happened the other day whilst out for a jog along my favourite 5km track.  On one part of the track I get off the pathway and jog alongside guardrails, well because we've had so much rain and the weeds have loved it the guardrail track is very overgrown.  Normal people would follow the path and then find a way back too the road but being me I decided against that and tackled the weeds head on.  All was going well until the last guardrail support lent out and grabbed my shorts and tried to stop me....hence I stopped but not before I got some extra cooling vents in both my shorts and leggings. Ha ha was kinda funny especially after I'd readjusted my shorts so that the front wasn't around with the back.  If only there wasn't sooooo many cars around to witness it.  I would like to blame the weeds but unfortunatly there were no weeds in this part of the track and full view for the passing cars.  Ohh how embarrassing !!!! mumble mumble mumble....

Time to dust off the sewing machine.....