Life would be way easier if I was blessed with fore-sight 'cos hind-sight is no consolation :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Butterfly Speed

I had to take it easy for a couple of weeks as my left foot arch played up again so I walked for 2 weeks and then last week jogged 5 kms/day with a mid jog walk - boring, boring, boring but then this week......woah baby.....this week I jogged 7 kms with hills then I disappeared up to Cape Hillsborough National Park for a trail run!!! WOW it outlived all of my expectations or rather lived up to all of my expectations. No lady-eating snakes, no purple people eaters BUT... there is some HUGE lizards that may have mistaken me for Bear Grilles on a lunch hunt cos they outran me like their very lives depended on it. Personally I'm not entirely into the whole bug, rodent, snake, lizard & frog eating thing !!! Go figure huh!! I did one track twice for a total of 5.6kms then walked down to explore another track and found another track that joined up so I walked that one too. On the way back to the car, which happened to be about 2.5 kms away, I started jogging when I looked up and discovered that I jog at approx the speed of a butterfly !?! Definatly not at lizard speed he he he.

p.s I'm back in my old faithful shoes not the new fandangled ones.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

YAAA HOOO !!!!!!!!

I'm back in business baby!!!! I'm still doing the leprechaun dance of victory. 2 days now with shoe inserts and arch support thongs [jandals] as well and I'm back !!!! 2 days of 11 kms and no pain - no arch aches, no heel pain, no niggles at all !!! Hills tomorrow [Friday] then flats for Saturday but no long run this week, probably shouldn't over do it too much :] I've been lucky so far.

Monday, October 4, 2010



What started out as a plan to slowly jog 5 kms in my new over-the-chemist-counter $41.95 orthotic shoe inserts for arch support turned into an epic 8 km run 'coz my feet felt amazingly good. YAY for me!!! [see my dancing leprechaun - that's ME !! Fiddle-dee-dee!!!] I didn't mean to go quite so far as I was coming back after 2 very epically long weeks of no jogs and was gunna take it easy - ha big fat ha !!!!
That run was then followed up with Steve's morning stroll and all up it's been roughly 11 kms with no arch pain. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Roll on tomorrow :]

Friday, October 1, 2010

Caged Tiger run for 2 weeks now and I'm feeling as toey as a caged tiger Grrrr.......