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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Butterfly Speed

I had to take it easy for a couple of weeks as my left foot arch played up again so I walked for 2 weeks and then last week jogged 5 kms/day with a mid jog walk - boring, boring, boring but then this week......woah baby.....this week I jogged 7 kms with hills then I disappeared up to Cape Hillsborough National Park for a trail run!!! WOW it outlived all of my expectations or rather lived up to all of my expectations. No lady-eating snakes, no purple people eaters BUT... there is some HUGE lizards that may have mistaken me for Bear Grilles on a lunch hunt cos they outran me like their very lives depended on it. Personally I'm not entirely into the whole bug, rodent, snake, lizard & frog eating thing !!! Go figure huh!! I did one track twice for a total of 5.6kms then walked down to explore another track and found another track that joined up so I walked that one too. On the way back to the car, which happened to be about 2.5 kms away, I started jogging when I looked up and discovered that I jog at approx the speed of a butterfly !?! Definatly not at lizard speed he he he.

p.s I'm back in my old faithful shoes not the new fandangled ones.

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