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Friday, November 19, 2010

I must, I must, I must learn to run in the rain first thing in the morning - yuck, yuck, yuck - oh, erm I meant YAY, YAY, YAY !!! I guess I don't REALLY need to stay in my nice, comfy warm bed with big fluffy pillows. It's soooo much more fun in the cold, cold, heartless rain, dripping down on my once warm body. Yeah,yeah toughen up me - but it's just so wet and drippy and super unfun.

Does anyone ACTUALLY like running in the rain ???

Hmmm......I'm sure there are special doctors that treat problems like that.

Not a doctor I'm ever gunna see for that problem - I may trot slowly in the gentle showers but I AINT EVER,NEVER,EVER gunna enjoy it, no siree, definatly not me !!!!

[disclaimer:this author is in no way responsible for any enjoyment brought about by running in the rain and splashing in puddles like a 5 year old. Stay posted as it's been heavy showers consistently here for a few weeks and the wet season hasn't started. If the author so chooses in the future to run in the rain and jump in puddles and finds it immensely enjoyable then she is in no way responsible for the silly grin as she jogs along the streets soaking wet and splashing mud on days when not even the neighbourhood mongel dogs will chase her and try their darnedest to enhance her use of interval training or at least try to bite her beckoning backside.]

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