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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day out with Inspirational Uncle

Well..............Wednesday saw us all up early and out to the marina to boat across to Keswick Island to do some mowing.  Wish it was as easy as it sounds.  It took us 7 hours and 4 people operating 2 lawn mowers and 2 brush cutters or whipper snippers to clear 1600 sqm of 45* slopping ground.  YIP the view was amazing looking across the channel to St Bees island where there is a large colony of koalas [no we couldn't see any]  and the breeze was soooo wonderful but the novelty had worn off before the work was half way through.

 Mr I.U and I decided to miss our much anticipated jog around the national park in favour of a cool drink and a trip back across the ditch to home [it was getting late].  He joked that running 250 kms through the desert is easier than all the mowing and clearing we did. 

His block is incredible though.  It's on top of the hill overlooking Horseshoe Bay and WOW is about how I'd sum it up.    The boy kids came with us and spent the day swimming in Basil Bay [it was a long hilly walk ha ha ha so we didn't see much of them], they were welcome to stay with us and help clear damn rocks - OMG was there some rocks.  Girl kid went to grannies for the day and was leisurely lounging around eating and sleeping like a queen. 

Humph...............she HATES boats and completely refused to come with us!!!!  Bring back the little cherub who didn't argue and then find alternative arrangements.

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