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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eureka !!!!

Sounds weird but today I had a eureka !!!! moment.  My left foot is still aching but it's coming from the big toe joint so I googled 'running with bunions' and VOILA there it was on my screen.

No not why my foot hurt but advice on relacing shoes to cope with bunions. 

Now I'm not saying I have a bunion but the pain is in the same area so ergo same solution.

Anyhoos have relaced shoes to only lace from half way up and all pressure is taken off the big toe joint and amazingly comfortable. 

I guess the true proof will come tomorrow morning with a short slow jog. 

Haven't jogged for a couple of weeks coz my foot hurt and christmas make and do was in full swing in my house which usually means lots of late nights.

Christmas is finished and now life can get back to what is loosly termed 'normal'

Even relaced the Asics that I reckon gave me the trouble to begin with and I'm thinking that it actually comes from the 'uber fantastic' asymetrical lacing system and WOOHOO all of the pressure is off the toe joint and the shoe is actually not too bad. 

Whodda thunk it huh !!

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