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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yay !!!!
Welcome home my old friend. 
Nike Pegasus 27
These were by far the best shoes my feet ran in when I was a younger and more energetic version of me and so like all great things I returned to my favs after sampling nearly every other brand on the market and finding that the advertised hype is not appreciated by my footsies.  After all I do ask alot of my feet and have so many more plans in store for them......
I had my first run in these lil babies this morning and WOW KAPOW it's like coming home after being stuck in the rain in winter on the side of the road all by my lil lonesome !?!
The tread is more than a road shoe and less than a trail shoe, which suits me just fine.  Not over cushioned, GREAT price, no hype and not what the salesperson wanted to sell me !!  He, he, he. guilty pleasure !!! : D
What's yours.

Luv 'em with coffee
Luv 'em on their own

This should be how they are packaged so kiddy-monsters don't sneak them...

[only mummy-monsters]

p.s - have I mentioned how much I LURVE tim tams.
YAY for the inventor : D

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