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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friday Aqua

Well I survived Friday :))

It started with an early bird class at a retirement village that Amazing Boss Lady usually does, however she is enjoying an exotic holiday in China this week (lucky isn't she ), so I kept the class lite and easy-ish.

Class 1 done for Friday, then scoot quickly to the other side of town to set up for the 11am aqua class, teach swimming to littlies until 11am, jump out of one little, warm pool, press play on cd player and jump in big pool to teach 2nd aqua class of the day.

I'll admit I was a bit nervous waking up on Friday morning as i'd never A) taught 2 classes in one day, B) combined swim teaching with aqua immediatly after (can't run late with either), C) taken a super lite class.

Anyhoos I did it and lived to tell the tale!!!! YAY WOOT WOOT 

The rest of the weekend was a combo of busy-ish work and gardening.....I had a great weekend to top off a great week.

Next time amazing boss lady goes out of town I won't be so nervous about teaching her classes :)

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