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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday Aqua

Today is the last day of filling in for amazing boss lady as she is due home from China tomorrow. School swimming terms start next week when school goes back here and it's life back to normal ?? if there is such a thing.

Today we had 28 lovelies turn up for aqua so I made it a circuit class using water dumbbells, noodles and just body movements. To begin we had a warm-up that progressed into a great cardio workout for 15 mins that included some travelling up the pool and knee repeaters, down the pool for other leg knee repeaters. Up the pool with high side steps for scoopy arms and high side steps down for scoopy arms ( with white water :)). Up the pool lady leaps (front high steps) and leg curls and then the same down the pool.

After we'd run through this I broke the ladies up into 3 groups - weights for 10 swing arms, 10 bicep curls, noodles for scissor legs and knee tuck and side leg extension, movement for twists across the pool.  The second round - weights for 10 tricep kickbacks, 10 swing arm ankle touch, noodles same as first round, movement for side steps across pool. 20 mins total.

Back into group format and lady leaps down pool for knee repeaters, leg curls and rocking horses, lady leaps up pool for same thing other leg, high side steps down pool for scoopy arms and white water, walk up pool for stretches. 10 mins.

It was a good class today, I feel I got a really good mix of exercises for the whole class and snuck in their core work (abdominals). The problem I have with a large class is that core work is done on the noodles and we don't have enough for this sized class at the mo, so a bit of lateral thinking was called for. I also found that 3 groups is WAY better for me to teach in circuit format than the normal 4 groups. I will stick to this in future - it worked.

Have an amazing day :)

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