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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life Changes

Well since I last blogged all sorts of things have happened in my life.

The biggest is that I qualified as a group and aqua fitness instructor, AND, I picked up an awesome job teaching aqua aerobics to the loveliest bunch of ladies in a small swim centre where I also teach the young 'uns how to swim.

If someone told me 12 months ago that this is where I would be now ..... well lets just say my answer could have resembled  #!!*#> 

Not for a moment would I have imagined that I would be confident enough to teach a class, let alone one with 25+ ladies in it, and love teaching it so much.

Finally I've found a job where I can talk til I'm hoarse, use up some XSNRG and still come home and go for a jog and gym session.

Don't get me wrong though, this life change was one of the hardest things I've ever done! It was scary and confronting, many times I felt like I was in melt down mode. I hadn't simply stepped out of my comfy zone, I'd launched out of it. I had no comfy zone left, so it was sink or swim. Sinking wasn't an option so I just plodded on through one step at a time and when it all seemed to much I just tried to remember that it wasn't rocket science.

So in the end I just pulled up my big girl panties and flew by the seat of my pants, no plans. Best thing I've done in a very long time :)

So if you ever want something in life, and you've thought it through and scared yourself off, we've all been there, but sometimes you just have to fly by the seat of your pants and have no plan, just a very basic direction may help.

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  1. Well done Cath. You've certainly made some changes in the past year. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.
    And thanks for the encouragement to chase our dreams.