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Friday, September 10, 2010


Well today was my first truly LONG run. I had a goal of 20 kms in 2 hours at 6 mins/km = 10 kms/hr hence the 2 hr goal. So I put on the camelbak and stuffed a couple of gels in my pocket and off I chuffed at 5:30 am. I sat on 6 mins/km and had sips of plasticky water every 10 mins and the first gel at 1/2 hr and BLECK it didn't go down well. I had tried a gel on a bike ride after a 10 km run and stomached it okay but apparently not so good when I'm jogging. BLECK!! It was thick, sticky and hard to keep down. I stayed at 6 min/kms which was a really great pace as I wasn't puffing but between the water and the gel things were getting ordinary. I finally stopped for a bit of a walk and went into Whitsunday Anglican School for a drink of yummy water and WOW that was super reviving. I set off a very polite alarm that reminded me I was on private property. Anyway I had a belly full of lovely cool fresh water not plasticky, warm water so I was off again sticking to the game plan of 6 min/km and went on to Fitzgerald School for another drink of yummy cool fresh water, then, feeling revived once again I set the course for home via the Goosies. With a couple of walks and water stops I ended up with 17.5km in 2 hours. Not quite what the game plan was but I'm happy. Definatly plan on improving. When I got home I sat in a cold bath for about 10 mins to cool the leg muscles and hopefully halt any lactic acid build up and , hey, it worked. No sore legs.

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