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Friday, September 17, 2010

Anudda Week Down

I'm not sure if I would call this week a successful week but after last saturdays long run my foot hurt. Normally rest and staying off the foot is the right thing to do, but oh no, not for me !! Sunday I mowed lawns and walked in the bush for a couple of hours then Monday 10 kms hills and the foot was niggly then a walk Monday night and shopping all day, oh yeah and 20 km bike ride, should I stop there - YIP - did I stop there - NOP - instead I got up on Tuesday morning and went for a 5 km run then did 10 x 400m sprints in barefeet on the footy fields then it was about 3 kms home. It felt great but my calves were not as keen on the whole process as I had thought, perhaps only 5 x 400m sprints next time, 20 km bike ride then I hobbled to work for the day. The end?? No way, we went for a beach walk that night and then Wednesday I had to stay in bed as I couldn't get down the steps to the loo. Major problem !! Did I stop there though?? Nah no point. We went for another beach walk Wednesday night but I stayed in bed Thursday and Friday morning. I'm not proud of this but hey it's what happened. Oh yeah it wasn't only my foot it was my bloody calf muscles they ached !!!!! BAD!!!! Bloody sprints!!!! So here it is Saturday morning again and I headed out for my 2 hr run. Today I headed out to the harbour to run out to East Point and sailed along beautifully until I turned to head for home and realised, too late, that maybe sand or unstable ground may not have been a wise choice for this weeks long run. Anyhoo, middle of somewhere, no phone, no people and 8 kms from home there's nothin else to do but one foot in front of the other, so that's what I did. By the end of the sandy area my foot was niggly and my calf was starting to really be noticable. I perserved until I hit the Goosies when I just couldn't run any further so I walked - well that was until I spotted some plovers so I thought if I jogged on VERY reluctant legs the plovers may leave me alone out of sheer pity for seeing something that resembled human but moved like a drunken walrus. Honestly the hunchback moved more gracefully than I did at this stage - well that was until I discovered that the plovers had no sense of humor or understanding for an ailing, pitiful shuffler whose body was very uncooperatively moving faster than it wanted to. I did my best Usain Bolt impersonation when I realised that the pretty plovers [not] were happily lining me up for their energetic swooping practice. My foot and calves stopped hurting really quick !!!!! And I got the best pace of the day happening. Sprints be damned I did better today swooped by plovers than I did on Tuesday when I tried to run fast but obviously I didn't have the right motivation back then. The olympic prodigy dreams faded as soon as my subconcious realised that it was safe and everything started to hurt again. Walking seemed like a really enjoyable activity at that stage and one I enjoyed all the way home [which fortunatly wasn't far]. So here I am now all finished and I won't go so far as to say recovered but my left foot aches a bit and my right calf hurts so I think I'll slink off to the taxi, sit on my bum for the rest of the day and if my bum starts to hurt I'm gunna visit Mum at work and get spoon fed by someone else, sit in the corner and dribble until I stop hurting. Sounds like a pretty good option to me at this stage.

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