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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mixed Blessings

It's been a mixed couple of weeks in the land of jog. Firstly school holidays happened and life gets thrown into complete and utter chaos. Between camping and working and then camping again there is not much routine. Mr gosh darned foot arch hurt so I decided to take 1 week off from jogging completely which unfortunatly co-incided with my favourite tracks being laid out in front of me like chocolate in front of a choco-holic. I could look but I couldn't do !! Sad poor me !! I did a sneeky little jog around the fences while we were camping but that was a really bad idea [I found out the hard way]. So then I resigned myself to having to sit on my bum for a week. I did go for sneeky walks but definatly not jogs. Now it is the end of week 2 almost and my foot for the most part is really good. I've been around the Goosies and done some bush walking and it [naughty foot] feels pretty good [all done in my old faithful 'Brooks'. So in review - I officially don't like 'Asics' shoes !!!! -It's not a good idea to ignore a sore foot, - it's REALLY not a good idea to go for a long run in new stupid shoes and ignore a sore foot !! - and I'm not able to sit still for long.

Sooo......what do you do with a new pair of stupid shoes that you paid great money for, for comfort and softness and your feet hate with a passion - well - I took out the super soft cushiony inner soles and hardened them up a bit. I've been for a walk and they are heaps better, so tomorrow I'll take said stupid shoes for a 5km jog and see how they are. If they are heaps better then I'll ditch the stupid inner soles and leave my shoes as is, if not then it's back to the drawing board. [or the shoe shop]

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