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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jelly Body Workout

Ever seen jelly wobble???

Yeah, well that's how I'm feeling ALL over today after making a workout that I hope to stick to for the next 7 days.

[notice the hope in that statement]


Thigh byes - thats where you do a squat with your legs shoulder width apart and feet at about a 45* angle pointing out and go down as far as comfortable and come slowly up to about half way and go back down before coming up to full standing position again.  Really important to watch that your knees don't extend past your toe line as it stresses knees WAY too much - no fun in that.  Any way that's one rep

Hamstring raises - stand on a step and hold onto a rail or balance if you're clever, stand on one foot and simply raise the other foot behind yourself slowlyish and then lower it again.  I choose to use a weighted bag for this [it's really only a plastic shopping bag with some old curtains in it and weighs @ 3kg] and it's important for this exercise that your knees stay nearly in alignment.  Your moving leg will naturally try to pull your knee backwards but that moves the hip joint, streeses the lower back and doesn't exercise the hamstrings very well.  I don't try to touch my butt with my heel I just try to get to about a 90* angle.

Tricep dips - yip those yucky things.  I just get 2 kitchen chairs and put my heels on one and my hands on the other with nothing supporting my body except sheer will power.  Lower yourself to hopefully half way and then come back up.  I haven't found a way to cheat in this exercise.

Reverse push-ups - this one's really hard to describe. Basically it's kinda like a pull up but acheivable-ish.  I have a mobile clothes hanger bar thing but I've also used the broomstick between two chairs and hubby's ute bull bar and you lay on your back on the ground and hold onto the bar.  Tuck your feet underneath yourself so that you can  raise your butt off the ground while you're still an arms lenght away from the bar and kinda crab like [remember crab soccer? Same principle] and then just pull yourself towards the bar and then down again just like a push up but flipped over.

My abilities and my goals are worlds apart so I'll start with my goals

3 sets of 12 with no jelly feeling.

My abilities: thigh-byes - 2 sets 12 and jellied
                   ham raises - 2 sets 12 and jellied
                   tri dips -       1 set 10 and jellied
                   reverse push ups - 1 set 10 and jellied

Hmm...I've some work to do. 

Maybe running in the rain would be easier. 

No, no, no mustn't think like that.

My personal mantra:


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