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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Up For A Challenge !?!

I'm up for a challenge how 'bout you???

While googling ab exercises I came across this challenge and so in my infinate wisdom I signed up (free).  Why??  Well just cos my middle would like some maintenance work carried out and perhaps my derrier will benefit also.

Here's the link if yir interested

Ironically I've taken some 'before' photos but no-ones allowed to see them until there's a decent 'after' photo. 

The photos are a little CONFRONTING and I'm working up to sharing them.

My wonderful 'Gymboss Trainer' broke........after I dropped it on the ground for the third time, boo hoo boo hoo whah whah whah
DEVO I was and maybe still am a little but I use the interval timer on my Garmin watch but just between you and me the Gymboss is better.

I've started looking into heart rate training - more out of curiosity than anything.  I'm jogging on the treadmill and my foot is fairly good.  I managed 6kms yesterday and my foots okay today even in bare feet all day (that;s when it niggles the most is in bare feet or thongs, and who in Oz doesn't wear thongs ??).
Just to give my foot a rest I did some intense cardio heart-rate training on the exercise bike and boy-oh-boy I was puffed but still did some cross training exercises.

I'm still holding onto a thread of hope that I'll be able to do the 'North Face 100' in May next year but if not then I'll try for the following year.

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